Not to be missed... and Essential Services

When you think you have nothing nearby, relax... you have everything, near you!


Restaurante A Escola

The Restaurant "A Escola", works in the old elementary school of our village. It has kept the characteristics, but has adapted to the present times

Restaurante Ar Puro

The "Ar Puro" Restaurant, is right next door

Restaurante Montanha

The Restaurant "Montanha", is located in the beautiful village of Caramulo. Only 12 km from our village, it fully justifies the displacement

Restaurant Taberna do Lavrador

The restaurant "Taberna do Lavrador" is another one of our suggestions, about 20 km away, which is certainly worth the drive

Caramulo Museum

The collection of antique automobiles at the Museu do Caramulo includes a Peugeot from 1899, a Bugatti 35-B, from 1930, a Rolls-Royce Phantom III (the "car of the Popes"), a Ferrari F-195 Inter and the armored Mercedes that was at the service of Salazar. In perfect state of circulation, this collection well documents the first century of Automobile life in Portugal. The Museum's Art collection includes Portuguese (Grão Vasco, Sousa Cardoso, Vieira da Silva) and foreign (Quentin Metsys, Jordaens, Picasso) painting, four Tournai tapestries from the 16th century, besides the archaeology, sculpture, ceramics and furniture sections