Don't forget to check the mails and links we have been sending you.

We have already told you about the importance of our map, the welcome book, the rules of use, etc.

In this section we have started to list a kind of check list, in which we have had the cooperation of some guests, always with the purpose of helping you identify what may be missing so that everything runs smoothly

Check In

  • The Check In Procedure, depends on how you closed your reservation. If you used a portal, you should receive a pin, or a communication that the house is ready, with the key in the door;
  • If you made a direct reservation with us, you will probably receive the pin after the payment of the second 50% of the amount, as agreed in the reservation confirmation

Shopping Tip

  • Charcoal, Lighters, Matches or Lighter - of course, if you intend to use the barbecues;
  • In the winter we also put some firewood in your house. Usually about 10kg for each night of your booking. We will have more available in the online store;
  • Tuna, Pasta, Rice, Oil, Sausages, etc... are simple suggestions for those who, eventually in their first dinner, want to cook something fast and don't want to go to the restaurant;
  • Olive oil and salt are two of the most mentioned ingredients in the suggestions;
  • Sugar
  • Trash Bags, Dishwashing Detergent and Sponge, Toilet Paper and Napkins, are some of the items that we leave available but in limited quantity;
  • For Personal Hygiene, don't forget your toothbrush, shower gel, and shampoo. It is not usually placed, although in some moments we have done it, when it results from some promotions. When in doubt, ask us.
  • Paper cups and disposable ashtrays are also limited in quantity. It is never too much to remind that glass containers are not allowed in the pool, nor is smoking inside the houses, so we ask for your cooperation;
  • Mini Bar Service: Some drinks are available either at the Mini Bar or in the fridge. Usually this includes some spirits, but also coffee capsules, soft drinks, waters, beers or even wines etc. The non-carbonated bottled waters are always on offer, but all others are on the price list that is visible next to them. Please, until you check out, be sure to account for these consumptions.
  • Of course you can take your own drinks home, and in the case of coffee, always ask us which machine is installed in your house. Will it be nespresso or dolce gusto.

Check Out

It is extremely important for us that you make sure that you close all doors and windows, and that all devices (lights and/or appliances) are turned off. Finally, close the last door and put the key in the mailbox at the green gate next to the access to the swimming pool