Where is the village located?

We are at Serra do Caramulo, still in the county of Águeda (Aveiro district) but very close to the fantastic village of Caramulo (Tondela, Viseu). We are at 700 meters high, and with a fantastic view over the bairrada region, the city of Aveiro, all the surrounding area, and 140 km of Atlantic coast

Are there essential attractions and services nearby?

Despite being an extremely quiet and isolated place, everything you might need for a relaxing stay is close by. we have prepared a small map that you will find extremely useful. just click on the colored dots and on: bairrada, the city of Aveiro, all the surrounding area, and 140 km of Atlantic coast. as far as St. Peter allows

What is included in the price shown?

Unless otherwise stated - in case of promotions - the prices shown, are the so-called base prices. to this price is equivalent the "service level - light". but you can change the characteristics of your reservation, changing this same service level. check the various possibilities here.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

This and other matters related to regulations, usage rules, constraints, etc. are dealt with in the dedicated document "Terms and Conditions" which can and should be consulted here.

Are there cleaning and storage fees?

These new fees are coming soon. when they come into effect they will be considered "cautionary fees", so if the houses are returned under conditions considered "normal use", those amounts will be returned. we will create several forms of collection and return, ranging from refunds, to vouchers. exemptions for some levels of client card

How crowded are the houses?

We have several houses, therefore, several possible capacities, including the combination of them. if you check, in the price consultations, houses appear whose names are the combination of 2 or more houses. therefore, we have houses with capacity from 1 to 25 people, however, consult us to have an idea of the possibilities that these solutions raise. even so, take the floor plans of the houses, which helps you understand better