Non-personal check-in service. Step-by-step procedure.

This should be the view as you pass the County Road.

Regardless of which entrance you choose, take the pool as your reference .

Entrance West. Don't be surprised if your GPS shows you this entrance. You can go ahead, although with care, because it has a bit of a steep descent right at the beginning. You should carefully go about 100 meters until you see the pool on your left.

If you don't like this entrance, you can continue on the main road for about 200 meters, until you see large cedars and garbage cans. There, turn right.

Enter by the small street you see on the left. Then continue slowly so that the Chapel is on your left. Follow the narrow passage. About 30 meters ahead, you will see the swimming pool on your right.

If you have come this far, consult the following map. You will understand the position of your house(s).

Don't worry. There's no getting lost here, even if on first impression you don't understand where you are. Note the position of the pool: your house is either in front of you (Casa da Guia) or at most 40 meters away.
Next, if you made a direct reservation with us, by phone or on our website, you should have already made the payment of the remaining 50% of your stay electronically within the previous 24 hours. In case you have not done so, there is no problem either. You can at any time request an ATM or MBWay reference to do it immediately. You just need to have an active homebanking service or go through an ATM terminal. Then simply communicate via WhatsApp or SMS to 91 012 12 49 that you have already made the payment (no communication needed if you use mbway). In a few minutes you will receive the PIN that gives you access to your key.
If your reservation was made through any Electronic platform partner (Airbnb, Booking, Tripadvisor or other), you should not have any concern about this issue, because the PIN will be sent to you at the latest moments before your arrival.

Your Key. If the reception gate is closed, your key will be in this small safe. Follow the instructions, using the PIN you have been given

If your reservation is:

Altar of the Beiras:

This double gate is the main entrance to your house.

Which means that you have in practice two houses, although perfectly integrated between them, since they have in common the courtyard that serves as their entrance. This is Casa das Beiras and Casa do Altar.Don't worry about the entrance to Casa do Altar, it will be closed. If you booked Altar das Beiras, we have already prepared the common entrance. That is, when you enter through the main gate of Casa das Beiras, you will have access to Casa do Altar through the same gate

S. Domingos da Guia:

This is the main door of Casa da Guia, and this is the main door of Casa S. Domingos.

They are like two independent houses: Casa da Guia is the one right next to the pool, and Casa S. Domingos is the little studio that is about 30 meters to the right side (if you are facing the pool from the main street)

Fox Village I:

The swimming pool, your reference in this query, is for the exclusive use of your family or group.

You have reserved, in practical terms, three houses: Casa da Guia, Casa das Beiras, and Casa do Altar. For simplicity, please refer to this guide under the topics: Altar of the Beiras and Casa da Guia

Casa da Guia

Use the door next to the pool gate as the main door.

The other doors should have the keys inside. If they don't, we don't recommend opening that door at the moment.It will be easy to understand the house.You will find the bedroom with the double bed, and on the lower floor, three single beds (you can easily add two of them if you wish).

If you booked this house for more than five people, you may have two extra beds available in the house. We chose not to put them up, to allow you to choose where you want them. However, you left adequate laundry to put them up.

Casa das Beiras

Enter this double gate. Once inside, go up the stairs on the left to access the rooms of Casa das Beiras. (The door opposite, if your reservation is Altar of Beiras)

One of the bedrooms, has a double bed and a single at the back. The other has a double bed (although narrower (120cm)), and a bunk bed with two floors.

This is the standard capacity of this house. 7 people. If your reservation foresees more people, there is the sofa bed in the living room. We have left extra linen counting on what was previously agreed

Casa do Altar

Use this door at the top of the stairs on the left. To get to this entrance, take the above picture of Casa das Beiras as a reference. Go around the whole building on the left. You will find this cobbled area.

You will enter through the small living room. There you will have a bed/sofa (different from a sofa/bed), which will be adapted according to your reservation. If there are at least 3 people, it will be with one bed. If there are 4 people, it will be with two. On the lower floor is located the room with the double bed. If your reservation exceeds 4 people, an extra bed was left so you can choose your place

Casa S. Domingos

This is the main door of Casa S. Domingos. it is about 30 meters to the right, if you are looking at the pool.

On this same entrance floor, there are two single beds. Easily you can put them together if you find it convenient. Downstairs, if your reservation is for 3 people in this house, there is one more single bed

We think that this way we can help you find and settle into our homes. Of course, in case of difficulty, you can always call 234 024 377

Don't forget that we strongly recommend connecting to our wi-fi network as soon as you arrive and that you should have the Whatsapp application installed. This way you shouldn't be out of contact, and you can "browse" our suggestions online.Pedro Dias Ferreira

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